Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

This is one of those films that without a doubt, certainly and absolutely, will divide people. Here’s the premise, without spoilers: Two American tourists go to Spain, are approached by my favourite actor “Javier Bardem”, and offered a weekend of wine, candle-lit dinners and well… s-e-x!
Woody Allen brings great direction, creating a beautiful portrayal of rural Spain, but this is eclipsed by the story, which takes a dominant role over the aesthetic part of the film.
Some called this a return to Woody Allen’s classic humour, but I totally disagree. Not once did I laugh (not necessarily a bad thing), compared to Love & Death where I giggled every other sentences.
So why will this film divide people exactly? It’s the ending, and it brings to mind There Will be Blood. You’ve invested in the film, care about the characters, want some conclusion, and it’s just open-ended and vague. Now as a film buff I can deal with that, but others won’t. They’ll stomp their feet and wonder why its not a happy ending, and how nobody’s learnt anything, and that its the directors job to literally tell you what happens, giving no room for any personal creative thought.
However, the soundtrack is absolute gold, with Spanish guitars and female vocals singing tales of love (pienso, hablo poco espanol) over the well directed film. I like that so much.
There’s no numerical rating for this one, because it will most certainly be different for each viewer. (Yes, dear Barroon!).


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