Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This is the whole of a conversation between a Canadian friend and me:
Me: Hey
She: hello
Me: how are you doin'?
She: I’m well and u?
Me: I'm great, thanks.
She: good
Me: so how did ya begin your recent week?
She: what u mean?
Me: this must be Monday there, isn't it?
She: Tuesday
Me: Auch! yes, it is. what the idiot I am!
She: so what have u been up to?
Me: I am doin’ well, you know, new job is such a new life.
She: I have a question
Me: shoot
She: lol
She: do u know anyone who knows Farsi in Vancouver area?
Me: um, no, but how can I help you?
Me: just some Iranian bloggers who currently live in Vancouver.
She: what is an Iranian blogger?
Me: Iranians who keep writing their weblogs
She: ok
She: well just wondering.
Me: so can I help you? any translation or something else!
She: no
She: I’m in kinda situation that i need help with a translator
Me: anyways, I do my best.
She: ty but u can’t help me
Me: why not?
Me: I will introduce an Iranian-Canadian to you!
She: u can
She: lol but I need one tommorrow
She: or Thursday
Me: Oops
She: lol
She: u see, I need a translator to tell the exbf’s mom my feelings and side of story, of what is happening between us
She: he just is not truly after my best intentions
She: he’s after to benefit himself.
She: he refuses to tell anyone that he wants me in his life, but tells everyone I’m just a friend.
She: ooooooooo so long of a story.
She: yes, it’s a soap opera
Me: so she doesn't understand this story in English?
She: she just arrived from Iran today.
She: and I haven’t met her yet
Me: Really?
She: yes


Blogger Baroon said...


well, as your blog in english i will comment in english.
I wish I know which day I will settle in which city to be able set any meeting.
Great suggestion from you though :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008 3:17:00 PM  
Blogger پريا said...

brush up?heh. i think it is better to destroy this one and build up another!!!!!it is regrettable

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 12:09:00 PM  

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